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DJS Research Ltd is an independent market research agency, which specialises in healthcare, public consultation and social marketing research.  All of the Directors that work at DJS Research Ltd have worked within the research industry for at least 10 years, so we can guarantee that these Senior Directors will conduct your research from start to finish.

Our team has extensive experience of carrying out research in the healthcare sector, for a broad range of clients including:

  • Various Primary Care Trusts across the UK
  • Strategic and supporting organisations such as Skills for Health and NHSU
  • Suppliers of healthcare and pharmaceutical products 


This has given us extensive experience of consulting with the general public (including specific population segments and minority groups) as well as experience of engagement with other stakeholders, such as healthcare professionals and CEOs of PCTs.

Our work for Primary Care Trusts has covered a range of issues, including:·

      • Informing world class commissioning
      • Understanding public perceptions
      • Examining the views of specific segments of the public, including ‘seldom heard’ groups
      • Informing communications and (social) marketing
      • Behaviour (change) issues


If you are looking to conduct a healthcare or social marketing piece of research, please get in touch by phoning +44 (0)1663-767857 or through our online contact form which can be found here here.


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Further Information About DJS Research Ltd

We are a research agency based in the North West of England. We pride ourselves on providing a quality service but at affordable and value for money rates. In addition, we can guarantee that a Senior Director will conduct your Healthcare Market Research from start to finish.

We are members of the Market Research Society, ESOMAR, AIMRI and BIG, which means all projects adhere to their quality standards. We are also registered under the data protection act.


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