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DJS Research Ltd has extensive experience of carrying out social marketing and public consultation research in the healthcare sector, for a broad range of clients including:


  • Various Primary Care Trusts across the UK
  • Strategic and supporting organisations such as Skills for Health and NHSU
  • Suppliers of healthcare and pharmaceutical products 


This has given us extensive experience of consulting with the general public (including specific population segments and minority groups) as well as experience of engagement with other stakeholders, such as healthcare professionals and CEOs of Primary Care Trusts.


In particular, our work for Primary Care Trusts has covered a range of issues, including:


Informing world class commissioning: Research to understand barriers to accessing the full range of healthcare services (from GPs to Opticians) and to understand and shape the services that different segments of the public want to access.


Understanding public perceptions: Research to understand attitudes and perceptions of a range of healthcare services (including hospitals, GPs, Dentists, Pharmacies, Walk In Clinics, Opticians, Sexual Health Clinics etc).


Examining the views of specific segments of the public, such as lower socio-demographic groups, young people, minority ethnic groups etc)


Informing communications and (social) marketing: Research to develop and test marketing strategies and materials, and examine the influence of marketing communications on awareness levels, attitudes and behaviour.


Behaviour (change) issues: Understanding the attitudes and behaviours of various population segments in relation to healthcare, and examining ways of changing behaviours (e.g. registering with a GP/dentist, smoking cessation etc).

How DJS Research Add Value


Your social marketing project will be conducted by a Senior Director (a researcher with at least 12 years experience) from start to finish. They will have hands on involvement at all stages of the research, including attending all meetings, set up, topic guide/questionnaire design, conducting the majority, if not all of the qualitative fieldwork, project management, analysis and reporting.


At the analysis and reporting stage, we believe our value-added analytical approach (utilising techniques such as factor analysis, cluster analysis, key driver analysis, regression etc...) is a major competitive advantage. This basically means transforming the data into clear, concise and actionable information, which you can use!


If you have a social marketing or public consultation research project in mind, feel free to get in touch. We would be happy to put forward a research proposal or discuss more informally how you could progress things. You can call us on +44 (0)1663-767857 or contact us through our online form: contact us.


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